Friday, 16 May 2014

Web Marketing Professional for Hire in Vancouver BC

In this day and age World Wide Web determines success or failure of your company or business. It is an investment you make when you hire me:

- I will increase your generic and organic leads
- Your company will have an advanced web presence so that you can take business away from your competitors
- Your website will always be on top of the relevant search results
- People will spread the word of mouth about your products or services
- I copyright content before posting it online so that whenever somebody downloads and shares your content people will know where it came from
- I use multiple levels of web marketing techniques to make sure that your company fulfills long term and short term goals
- The purpose of social media is to share and I take advantage of it by creating your company’s brand awareness
- I will make content for your business – photos, videos, graphics and articles

Social media specialists
There is a completely wrong perception about Social Media Specialists. People believe that it is an Internet savvy schoolgirl who knows how to post on Facebook and Twitter, which is completely wrong. I believe all of us we know how to use Facebook and Twitter and you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to do that. Besides there are hundreds of other social media networks you can use. The most important thing is what you post, where you post, how you post, when you post and who your target audience is. If you are a business owner, ask yourself a few simple questions:

- what purpose does the social media serve to your business – are you another news agency reposting articles found on the Internet or your social media specialist’s personal “I like this stuff” world?
- how many leads does your social media department generate?
- do you actually have tools to track performance of your social media department?
- how does your business benefit from the posts your social media department makes?
- where do the pictures come from your social media department posts, do you have permission to use them and how relevant are they to your business?

Social media likes and followers
You can buy likes and followers in bulk for the price that is approximately $10 per 1000 depending on the country of origin. If you are a business owner, ask yourself a few simple questions:

- who followed and liked your social media profiles - are they your existing or prospective customers?
- if your social media department is using seeding or leaching techniques to obtain likes and followers, how relevant is the audience they are targeting?
- what is the follower’s engagement in viewing your posts?

Burning money through PPC
It breaks my heart to see how people burn money on PPC. Don’t get me wrong it is an awesome complimentary tool to your existing web strategies. If you use PPC alone it will gradually increase your cost to acquire a customer. It is not an investment, but expense because as soon as you stop the PPC campaign your website stops getting visitors. On the other hand if your business has already well-established web presence PPC will boost your leads for cheap. If you are a business owner, ask yourself a few simple questions:

- how much do you spend on PPC campaigns?
- what is your cost to acquire a customer through the PPC campaigns?
- how many leads do the PPC campaigns generate for your business and how many sales do you close?

Content killers
What blows my mind is how people kill their content. You cannot upload photos online without copywriting them. It looks like there are thousands and millions of people who don’t know or just don’t care. If you are a business owner, ask yourself a few simple questions:

- how much do you pay for the photos to promote your business?
- how do people know that it is your company’s photo if they find it on a random website on the Internet?

I’ve seen companies spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on videos that generated only a few views and no leads, but the people in charge kept spending company’s money. It is not what you like or what you think is cool, but what your target audience would watch and share with their friends. If you are a business owner, ask yourself a few simple questions:

- how much money does your company spend on videos?
- how many people watched your videos willingly without you paying money to Youtube for pay per view?
- how many leads did your videos generate?

Cooking books
Spreadsheets and graphs are cool because they give a nice overview, but what is not cool when the heads of departments start feeding you with the half-truth, which is a lie. For example, VP of Marketing tells the CEO that a video generated 2 million views, but what he doesn’t disclose is the fact that 99% of the views were generated by paying company’s money to Youtube for pay per views. If you are a business owner, ask yourself a few simple questions:

- have you asked your heads of departments to break down stats and show them in real time by logging on to e.g. Google Analytics?
- do you go through spreadsheets and compare them with the source?

Give me a shout and we will have a chat. Make your business successful by hiring me!

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