Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stripper Lea in Kids Dot World

stripper Lea in Kids dot World

stripper Rya Lefevre in Kids dot World

striptease by Lea in Kids dot World

Put your hands together for our
lovely and beautiful Jill Von Puff!

Loud music starts banging in the club. A young lady appears from the dark on the stage. She wears very short skirt, tank top that doesn't entirely cover her bra, nylons and high heels.

She slowly approaches the pole and starts dancing around it. That is LEA. LEA takes her clothes off piece by piece leaving only tiny shorts and bra. Men whistle and shout out loud.

One of the silhouettes of men sitting in the dark stands up and walks towards the stage. That is RUSSIAN. He smiles and gives LEA bill. LEA slowly takes money and discretely shows RUSSIAN her naked chest.

Men whistle and shout out loud. RUSSIAN goes back to his table with the big smile on his face. LEA bows and disappears in the dark.

Watch the full movie:

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