Thursday, 20 December 2012

Yakup aka Russian in Kids Dot World

mad Russian in Kids dot World

(very angry)
Blja ti suka! Jobanij urod!

RUSSIAN grabs one of the men by the neck and pulls him very
close to his face.

Who did you just call a fag? Do you
know who I am? You will not wake up
tomorrow! I will make your kids and
wife watch how I smash your bones
with the bat. You will die slow and
painful death you mother fucker!

RUSSIAN pushes the man against the wall. Other MEN interfere.

officer Yakup in his office Kids dot World

Look, I am doing something right
now, that if found out could help,
so much, or if found out, could get
me killed. My name is OFFICER YAKUP
and I'm an undercover cop. I'm
working with others to bring down
this international prostitution

I promise you, I will bring down
this ring, and help your brother
too. You must tell no one about
this, and keep your ear to the
ground. Any Intel could put a nail
in their coffin.

Officer Yakup caught by surprise in Kids dot World

Why are you here MADWOLF? I've got
a lot to do. Our little racket
doesn't run itself.

Russians office in Kids dot World

Some are taken by a parent or
someone they know. Some kidnapped,
raped, killed. Some leave a
horrible family life, and come here
just to prostitution ring. One
where men, from all over, pay to
see young kids together-- in
certain acts, lets say.

Yakup aka Russian in Kids dot World

Are you a fag or something.

MEN laugh very loud. RUSSIAN stands up. RUSSIAN looks very
mad. RUSSIAN gives a look to the MEN. They immediately shut

submissive Russian aka officer Yakup in Kids dot World

That's true. But a little bird told
me something else. This bird told
me, you are an undercover cop. And
I treat undercover cops the same
way I do worthless prostitutes,
lying thieves, and those trying to
take over my territory. I kill

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