Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cai in Kids Dot World

actor Brock Smith as Cai in Kids dot World

(very loud and angry)
Cai! Thank God. Where have you
been? I thought our deal was to
keep in touch, if you had to stay
out, or couldn't come home? You are
only 15! Mom and dad SKYPED last
night, and I had no idea what to
tell them. Why do you worry them
like that? Have you forgotten
they're dying of cancer?

Cai on Kids dot World website

drug addict Cai on Kids dot World

CAI, you need to log on to Melvil's
account. He is sick today. MADWOLF
said to put on your French maid
outfit for the customers. Tonight
is naughty, helpless night. The
customer's eat that up. Straight or
not. Go get them tiger.

fried Cai in Kids dot World

CAI? Can we talk? Is there anything
I can do for you, any way I can
help you? I know your going through
something, and I really want to
help you. Please tell me what is
wrong. Tell me why the school is no
longer important and where you go
each night. Please, I worry about
you so much. I love you and I feel
so alone in dealing with mom and
dad. Can we get through this
together and be there for mom and
dad too?

suspicious Cai in Kids dot World

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