Saturday, 23 June 2012

"Tetragrammaton" on Vancouver 24 Hour Film Race 2012

Message from Nestor de la Zerda

"Our film has been selected for the Houston and Vancouver screenings!!

Out of over 750 entered teams there are 365 films being screened in 17 cities across North America. The L.A. screening has 24 films being screened, Houston has 29 films and Vancouver has 29 films also. So it seems we have done alright as it is the first film we have collaborated on. The top 24 films move on to the final selection for the best film and screening in New York early September."

Theme: One
Prop: The Number 1
Action: Listening to music

Director: Nestor de la Zerda, Producer: Nauris Nikans

FILMS PLAYING on Thursday, June 28, 2012:
One Stop Shop by 11Thirty (Coleman Davie)
Si Si by BJT Si Si (Benjamin Turner)
one love by bunkmedia (trevor hargreaves)
Don't Panic by Creamo Films (Kevin Taylor)
Saturday by Crunchcoats (Alan Silverman)
Tetragrammaton by Dark Coast Entertainment (NESTOR DE LA ZERDA)
In Absentia by Fiasco (Alan Lee )
Half + Half by Full.Speed.Ahead Productions (Charles Schrodt)
Drifting Through Silence by Hora Morior Productions (Chris Ray)
Chasing Fin by i4Life Studios (Ryan Sauve)
Lone wolf by Joy Footage (Maxime Cyr-Morton)
One Waffle Wednesday by Megasteakman (Kial Natale)
Paper Anniversary by Mitote Studios (Katherine Ramdeen)
GABR1L by Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain (Jonathan Lang)
One of a Kind by Piscopo Studios (Colin Steele)
Solo by Renaissance Pictures (Scott Sullivan)
Truisms by Seven25 (Isabelle Swiderski)
So close by SFU Workshop (Sepehr Samimi)
So What by Silly Goose Productions (Erik Coates)
one by Sleepless Productions VanCity (Leanne Scherp)
Lonesome Lip by Slippery Devils (Jordan Griffith)
viktor_82 by Spy vs. Spy (Ian McBain)
The Busker & One Particularly Perfect Day by Team Bobcat Venus Flytrap (Brock Pennie)
The Loneliest Number by Team Sandcastle (Michael Gyori)
Manimal 3D by TeamWolf (Jay Lum)
One Condition by The Spice Boys (Luc Poletto)
The One by The Thirty Sevens (David Attar)
1 am by Wild Chattr (Stephanie Michelle Scott)
One Beautiful Minute by You Be Sea (Gabriel Adelman)

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