Friday, 17 February 2012

Twisted Perspectives

Short film about a young man who has been living in the world of twisted perspectives after he lost his love of life.

Directed by
Nauris Nikans

Written by
Nauris Nikans

Jeff Craigen
Amanda MacCormack
Meghan Roche

Produced by
Nauris Nikans

Original Music
"Passionflower" by Jon Gomm

Martin Ratledge

Cinematography by
Izik Nox

Film Editing by
Nauris Nikans

Casting by
Nauris Nikans

Production Design by
Nauris Nikans

Set Decoration by
Brad Leith
Nauris Nikans

Makeup Designer
Megan Nicholson

Third Assistant Director
Robert Guthrie

Art Department
Brad Leith
Nauris Nikans

Location Manager
Brad Leith

Location Sound Mixer
Jordan Sy

Sound Design
Robert Phaneuf

Special Effects Coordinators
Izik Nox
Nauris Nikans

Visual Effects by
Nauris Nikans

Corey Jacques

Key Grip
Corey Jacques

Camera Assistant
Robert Guthrie

Transportation Department
Brad Leith

Special Thanks to
Peter Gabruss
Michael Pasinok
Philip Granger
John Craig
Ryan Nicholson
Natasha Koczy
Zach Shore
Konstantinos Mavromichalis
Shane Rees

Rusty yellowish sink and dripping faucet. Brownish wallpaper in the background is aged and very dirty with ripped out pieces.
 Left hand of a male moves towards the faucet. There is a red paper bracelet around his wrist. Something is written on it, but it is too blur to read. It seems to be name of a night club.
The hand places small light brown plastic bottle for the prescription drugs on the left side of the sink. Handwritten letters GHB appear on the label as he removes the hand.
Right hand of the same male moves towards the closing valve and opens the faucet so that the water starts pouring into the sink. 
There is a topless young white male that is looking into the mirror above the sink. His name is EITAN. EITAN is very well build and athletic in his mid twenties. EITAN has not shaved for a few days. EITAN’s indifferent face shows no emotions and his eyes are empty.  
On the left side of the mirror there is a picture of a smiling blonde girl. Black ribbon crosses the right bottom corner of the picture, but in between the black ribbon and the left corner there is a hand written note: “Love you EITAN! ADI” Her name is ADI. ADI looks like a teenager who turns into a woman. Under the picture there is a large hand written sentence on the wall: “R.I.P. ADI ...”
EITAN washes his face with both hands and time to time stares into his reflection in the mirror. EITAN looks helpless and depressed. 
EITAN bends to splash his face with water from the faucet. As EITAN bends, footage of a homemade video appears in the mirror. It looks like somebody shot it with a handy cam because the picture is not sill, it shakes and moves spontaneously. ADI is running on the beach towards the person who is shooting the film. ADI wears very light summer dress. ADI’s blonde hair wave in the wind. ADI smiles and laughs. It looks like ADI is very excited. ADI spreads her arms as ADI approaches the camera operator. EITAN is holding the camera in his right hand and ADI kisses his lips.
ADI (Softly) I love you!
EITAN I love you too!
The footage in the mirror disappears as EITAN bends back and rubs his face with both hands. Water goes down of his wrists and arms. EITAN puts both hands around the mirror and stares into his reflection in the mirror.
EITAN bends to get some more water on his face. As EITAN does so footage of a homemade video appears in the mirror. Image shakes and wiggles. Shower is turned on and curtain is closed. There is a shadow of a woman on it. Left hand of the camera man moves the curtain and reveals the face of ADI. She is nude and her hair is wet. At first ADI is scared, but then ADI starts laughing. ADI tries to close the curtain, but the camera man doesn’t let her. ADI smiles.
ADI (Playfully)
No, go away EITAN!

EITAN smiles

EITAN Give me a kiss!
ADI leans towards the camera. The camera guy reveals his face. That is EITAN.  ADI and EITAN kiss.
EITAN I love you ADI!
ADI I love you too!
The footage in the mirror disappears as EITAN bends back. EITAN rubs his face with both hands and water runs down his arms. EITAN lowers his hands down and stares into his reflection in the mirror.
On the left from EITAN there is a bed with the light blue bed sheets. A dark haired girl is lying on her back with her eyes closed. Her name is NOYA. NOYA is fully dressed in a dark tank top, red short skirt, black stockings and red high heels. NOYA wears full makeup and her lips are bright red. NOYA has the same red paper bracelet around her left wrist as EITAN.
EITAN walks around the bed and lays on it along NOYA.
EITAN slides his fingers over NOYA’s body and gently touches her lips. NOYA’s breasts slowly move up and down as she breathes. 
EITAN moves his head towards NOYA’s head and kisses her lips. Lips join together in a kiss. 
The kiss transforms into two bodies covered with red fabric are shaped just like kissing lips. They are EITAN and ADI. They cuddle and hold each other in their hands. Both seem to be happy and enjoying the moment. 
ADI moves her head away from EITAN. ADI smiles, her eyes shine and she is happy.
ADI I love you!
EITAN I love you too!
ADI’s head, face and hair break down into particles that consist of random letters and move around slowly, but chaotically. ADI disappears. 
NOYA’s face in close-up. NOYA slowly opens her eyes and takes a look around.
NOYA Who are you?
EITAN Eitan! My name is EITAN. We met at the club, remember?
NOYA sits in the bed and nervously looks around. 
NOYA Where am I?
EITAN At my pla--
NOYA Why am I in your bed?
NOYA takes a scared look at the bed and EITAN. EITAN sits in the bed and tries to put a hand around NOYA’s shoulders.

NOYA jumps out of the bed. 
NOYA Did you rape me? 
EITAN gets out of the bed and tries to approach NOYA, but NOYA starts swinging her hands around. 
EITAN No! I jus--
NOYA You bastard! You abused me!
EITAN No! Listen!
NOYA screams very loud.
NOYA Help! Help!
EITAN covers her mouth with the hand.

EITAN Hush, hush! I just wanted a female company. I fed you some cherry meth.
NOYA freaks out and fights back.

NOYA What! You drugged me!
NOYA is stepping back. EITAN is frustrated and scared.

EITAN No, no! That was a date drug. Not a drug, just a drug. Fuck! You know what I mean.
NOYA screams very loud and runs towards the door. 
NOYA Help! Help!
EITAN follows her and both start wrestling as he tries to hold her in his arms, but NOYA madly jerks her whole body to break free. NOYA panics and EITAN too. 
EITAN Please calm down! I didn’t do any harm to you!
NOYA Help! Help!
Fighting and wrestling NOYA in the EITAN’s hands transforms into fighting and wrestling ADI. ADI is angry and pissed off, but those emotions are staged and not real. ADI makes sounds if she was trying to lift something very heavy. 
EITAN tries to hug ADI. ADI refuses and fights back, but all of those moves are staged and fake.
(Not convincing)

EITAN I’m sorry, baby!
EITAN hugs ADI and she lets it happen.
EITAN I’m sorry! I didn’t mean that. 
ADI puts her head on the EITAN’s shoulder and surrounds his neck with her arms. Both of them calm down.
EITAN’s back and ADI’s face transform into EITAN’s back and NOYA’s face. NOYA pulls EITAN by the neck with her hands and hits him with the right knee into the groin. 
EITAN’s face is covered in pain.
EITAN collapses on the floor, but NOYA escapes through the door that is behind her back. NOYA slams the door as she leaves.
EITAN is on his knees on the floor. Tears roll over his face.

EITAN (Whispers) I’m sorry! I’m sorry, baby!
On the right side from EITAN there is a counter. EITAN opens a drawer and reaches for a gun with his right hand. Under the gun in the drawer there is a photo of ADI.
EITAN I love you!
EITAN removes the gun out of the drawer.
ADI’s lips in the photo move.
ADI I love you too!
Bang of the gun and sound of a body hitting the ground.
EITAN lays on the floor motionless. On the right side there are splashes of blood on the floor, but under EITAN’s head there is a slop of blood. 
Silhouettes of ADI and EITAN are watching EITAN’s dead body disappearing in the dark.

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