Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Stages of Sin Part 2 of 4

Lola Frost
Veronica Vex
Dahlia Embers
Jason Beaudoin
Ruby Tuesday
Stella North
Scarlet Delirium
Ben Whipple

Story by:
Dahlia Embers and Veronica Vex

Written by:
Dahlia Embers

Produced and Directed by:
Dahlia Embers and Veronica Vex

Technical Direction by:
Michael Bock

Videographer and editor:
Nauris Nikans

Film noir nostalgia, hollywood glamour and burlesque meet in this original production. The story is set in an underground club where the drama of the stage unfolds.

Stages of Sin takes you into the lives of six women who are struggling to make it big in a world of darkness, crime, disillusionment and existential fatalism.

The delicious dialogue is lasciviously laden with euphemism and innuendo; leading into eye-popping burlesque which leaves the audience salivating for what will be revealed next.

The film is made in the style of a reality TV show: one full rehearsal and show.

The Sin Bin pub, Vancouver, BC, 2011

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