Friday, 11 November 2011

The Twisted Perspectives Project

and then she died ..

how do i feel? you should ask IF i feel. my crippled soul conquered my mind. my angel left me all alone to rot in the miserable existence that deserves to be terminated. it takes me over like a contagious disease that doesn't have a cure. god! please, kill me!

everywhere i look i see her face, i feel her touch. she is deep in me, she eats me alive, piece by piece leaving the rest of my body in pain. she is a vampire that infects my blood. am i still alive or .. ?

she was always with me .. my friend, my best buddy, my muse, my inspiration .. but now she is gone leaving me all alone and helpless, insane and destructive.

i miss her touch, her lips, her smile, her love. she is gone, but she didn't let me go. like an internal torture i see her, i feel her, but i cannot touch her. it is like a glass between us. am i insane or are those my twisted perspectives? a curse that never goes away.

white dress flutters in the wind revealing her perfect curves. she smiles and waves at me. she whispers my name and invites me to join her, but that god damned glass like thing in-between us separates... and i helplessly watch her leaving .. she is dead

short film

"Twisted Perspectives"

by Nauris Nikans

coming out in February, 2012

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