Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sparkle Pussies Burlesque

Teaser by Nauris Nikans.

They are a group of eight highly diverse women who have come together to share their love of glamour, glitter, performing, dancing, sass, satire and classic strip tease.

They had the good fortune of meeting eachother thanks to the incredible program, Becoming Burlesque, that's offered by Vancouver's one and only Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society. What can you say! Gals who twirl tassels together, stay together! And hence... the SparklePussies were born!

In real life they range in ages by almost 20 years, and we collectively keep ourselves busy as a Senior Vice President, masseuse, waitress, make-up artist, self-employed entrepreneur and mom of two, full time student, marketing manager, librarian and administrator. But who are they as SparklePussies??? They are Blush Lane, BoomBoom Buffet, Dame Booty Dench, Flora Fanny, Lexi Von Vonderful, Shea DeVille, Veronica Vex and Sadie Sweetcheeks!

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