Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Funny Commercial - House Party

Cast: David MacDonald, Gregory Durand, Ana Mata, Frederico Engell
Music: Martin Ratledge
Written, produced, directed: Nauris Nikans and Selorm Matanawi
Sound: Selorm Matanawi
D.O.P.: Nauris Nikans
Visual effects: Nauris Nikans
Camera: Legendary Sony PD150
Editing software: Premiere Pro
Visual effects: After Effects
Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2011

The commercial was made for the BetFair ad competition. We were fooling around with crossing the lines and some visual effects. Btw .. good visual effect is the one that you cannot notice ;)

House party. Two guys are watching a girl dancing on the desk while the other guy totally ignores her. He is angry and pissed, but then suddenly he shouts out loud: "GOAL!" It appears that he has been watching a soccer game. He explains his buddies why and then all of them sit down to watch the game.

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