Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wytches Chant - Lughnasadh Celebration

Produced, directed: Nauris Nikans

Pagans and Occultists of BC Meetup
Music: Inkubus Sukkubus "Wytches Chant"
Lyrics: Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna.

Lughnasadh or Lammas is also the name used for one of the eight sabbats in the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. It is the first of the three autumn harvest festivals, the other two being the Autumn equinox (also called Mabon by Wiccans) and Samhain. It is seen as one of the two most auspicious times for handfasting, the other being at Beltane. Some Wiccans mark the holiday by baking a figure of the "corn god" in bread, and then symbolically sacrificing and eating it.


IT Professionals Talk Dirty

Written, produced, directed: Nauris Nikans

Cast: Alexis Greenwood, Hector Ruiz
Music: Martin Ratledge
Hair stylist: Debi Hibbert

Here is the full sound track: IT People by Martin Ratledge


Olap (if they had some kind of affair in the past)

Irma (the same here)

Olap (with the sexy voice)
Your main frame is not too bad today. Nice dress. PGP.

I must say, your resolution looks amazing after yesterday's short circuit!

I wouldn’t mind pushing your buttons today too. Besides, the black box of yours needs some inspection.

Oh, boy! Somebody in the Silicon Valley needs an attention too. Can I make an appointment?

Sure! I will bring my coaxial cable with me.

Irma (smiles)
I like your bit stream. And don’t forget about the complete indexing or the socket will not be ready!

Is the access point and time the same?


Cached (pronounced as cashed)

How about your wi.. floppy disk?

Buffer flashed to the parent’s house!

Heavy card punch

Totally case sensitive

I’m off of the chat mode



For Filmmakers—Create a video, up to 60 seconds long, that somehow features techies using obscure high-tech jargon to discuss the finer points of communications technology.

If you’re not fluent in tech speak, you can download the jargon dictionary provided in the materials files to get ideas and verify the correct usage of terms.

Your video could be about techies arguing different points, trying to convince a boss about an obscure point, or it could just be techies waxing poetic about their high-tech muses.

There is a lot of room for humor in this one, but the tech talk needs to come through loud and clear. It may help to use graphics or text to spell out more complex terms. Check the jargon dictionary to perfect your usage.


These videos are meant to appeal to IT managers, whether they work within a company or act as consultants on technology purchases. IT managers’ jobs are about getting technology right. In order to appeal to IT managers, your videos must be accurate when discussing MegaPath’s technology solutions. If you use the dictionary provided in the materials files, you should be safe.

Close your videos with the MegaPath end slates provided in the materials files.

For IT Professionals: If you’re an IT Professional making a video for this contest, make sure that you to put “IT Professional" somewhere in your video’s Description field (how to do this will become apparent when you upload your video). IT Professional participants are still eligible for the broader array of prizes, but you’re only eligible for the IT Professional awards if you put “IT Professional” in your video’s description field. (We will ask for verification before awarding IT Professional prizes. For details, see the Rules.)

These videos are meant to appeal to the main internal or external Information Technology decision maker in companies of all sizes. These IT decision makers make all recommendations for voice, data, network, and security decisions.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

After Effects Flaming Demon in Church

Demon of the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in St.John's Newfoundland.

Written, produced, directed, animated: Nauris Nikans

Cast: Melantha Rojo, Hector Ruiz
Music and sound effects: Martin Ratledge

A church in heavy thunderstorm. A dark silhouette appears in one of the windows. A flaming demon releases an energy ball and the guy who is standing in the window falls out of it. He lands into the water and drowns.

Here is the full sound track: Demon by Martin Ratledge

Here is the photo used in the film taken by me in St.John's Newfoundland:

If you don't believe the church is haunted take a look at this photo:

For those who are interested in how films are being made here is the story board:

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pride parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Photographer: Nauris Nikans
Location: Vancouver, BC
Year: 2011

Click on the thumbnail for the full set of the photos:

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Here are some examples:

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Pride Parade, Vancouver, BC, 2011