Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Futurism Project

Idea: Nauris Nikans
Set up: Nauris Nikans
Lights: Nauris Nikans
Editor: Nauris Nikans
Photographer: Nauris Nikans
Model: Ruby
Location: Vancouver, BC
Year: 2011

Futurism Project

Futurism Project

Futurism Project

Futurism Project

Futurism Project

Monday, 20 June 2011

People of the war: Futurists

by Nauris Nikans for the visual communication class

People of the war: Futurists by ~NaurisNikans on deviantART

Futurism as the art movement began in Italy in 1909, but several years later it conquered Russia. Futurism in Italy resulted as the reaction on the dead silence in the Italian culture since the late 19th century. Italian poets, musicians and architects were not satisfied with the fact that the art in Italy was not capable of responding to the changes of the life quality after the economic boom. While dreaming about the industrial era they proposed the public to lead the art out of the dark so that it could prove itself in all of the industries of life and could speak to the viewers in an appropriate language.
That was the time when artists expressed their beliefs aloud in the aggressive style saturated with the posters. Manifestations caused public riots, but, according to the futurists, it only confirmed the beginning of the technical civilization’s triumph. Song writers and musicians started using sounds of the streets and cars in their songs. In the paintings and artworks it was possible to show the technological raise by using a motion.
Futurists divided motion in absolute motion, the one a human being cannot spot with the naked eye, and relative, the one that is from the point A to the point B. For the futurists most valuable features of the motion were aggression, speed, light and militarism.
Slogan “war is the only hygiene for the world” expressed futurism as the political and chauvinistic trend, which made to believe that it was related to the Italian fascism. The power of machines and power of people was glorified in Futurism. The World War One pushed the beliefs of the futurists to the limits, but the followers of the theory got really disappointed, which is what the life normally brings.
Historically every art trend tends to belittle and deny other art trends, but not as bad as the followers of futurism did especially in the architecture. At some extent futurists provoked the First World War to destroy buildings to free space for their structures and other architecture marvels. But the war destroyed too much.
The futurists criticized neoclassicism the most because that was the trend that was heavily influenced by the past art forms from the Greek and Roman times. The futurists wanted to destroy everything that didn’t have technical and futuristic characteristics.
In the 20th century the futurists didn’t feel like people who were related to cathedrals, castles and monuments, but more like a part of the huge hotels, railway stations, endless streets, massive harbors and paved market places.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lollipop Project, Dark Background

Idea: Nauris Nikans
Set up: Nauris Nikans
Lights: Nauris Nikans
Editor: Nauris Nikans
Photographer: Nauris Nikans
Model: Hannah
Location: Vancouver, BC
Year: 2011

Lollipop Project, Dark Background

Lollipop Project, Dark Background

Lollipop Project, Dark Background

Lollipop Project, Dark Background

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Cup Cake

Short story written by Nauris Nikans for the writing class

Where is she? The class is about to begin, but she is not here yet. Did she have a party with her friends yesterday and now she is asleep enjoying warm blanket that surrounds her naked body? Her eye lids tremble and forehead shrivels as she dreams about the random stuff from her childhood. Or, did she catch cold and now she coughs helplessly suffering from the inflamed throat while considering not going to the school? Oh, here she comes, late as always. She looks sleepy and her hair is messed up. I would like to embrace her in my arms and press her body close to mine. Kind of a morning hug, you know. I always have that feeling that I know her for an eternity; I know her every curve and every spot of her body. That weird sense of closeness and invisible relationship to a person. I have only one chance to try it out for real, but I am not sure if I dare. What if she is on the different page then I am, what if she reports on me to the authorities, what she if starts screaming and embarrasses me in front of the whole world, what if, what if, what if .. hell, those “what ifs” over and over again. Am I a weirdo with the twisted imagination? Nobody will be able to give me an answer, but me. So, do you want to try your faith or are you too weak to make the first move? What if … fuck, enough with the “what ifs”. Calm down and look at the white board! You know that she is in a relationship and she is not meant for you anyways.

She pulls her belongings out of the bag and gets ready for the class. Obviously she did not have time to have a breakfast because of the cupcake in front of her. That pinky little thing with the yellow icing and brown chocolate chips on the top looks so sexy, but not as sexy as her lips around it. She licks them after having a bite; red glossy demons of seduction! Is that a tease or did she do it without a hidden meaning? I wonder if she knows what she just put in her mouth. Somebody had to make that thing first. Somebody? How about a girl who hates her job from the bottom of her heart? Every day is the same, the same ugly pink cupcakes with the yellow icing that looks like a baby puke and, of course, those stupid mouse droppings on the top. She has been doing the things she does for more than seven years now and that is definitely not the thing she wanted to do in her life. According to her there are only stupid cunts in this world, people who do not see how talented she is as the artist. After graduation from the Arts Academy she could not find a job. She always wanted to sustain herself and her family from the job she liked, which was related to arts. It did not work out as planned and she gave up on her dreams. Her mother is the owner of the bakery and that is how the girl got her present job. She has never been in a good relationship with her mother, because, according to her, the mother is an authoritarian old bitch that cannot stand people that argues with her. She always knows what the best is and, in general, everything has to be her way. How can a poor soul live a normal life after that? The girl is full of hate and ignorance. The dirty apron covered with the weeks old food stains is her best friend. Few more days and it will start to stink like garbage in the hot summer day. It does not change the taste of the cupcakes anyways; so, why the hell she should worry about having a clean apron. Nobody can see her, but her mother, which is the best way to piss her mother off. Eat this, mom! I hate you and your god damned bakery!

The girl’s private life is not the best kind too. Last 5 years she gained some extra sixty pounds and, as we all know, that is the body that counts, not face. That explains why her sexual life is not colored with a skin flute, but rubber alloy. Her fat squeezes through every seam of the clothes she has on. What a horrible view to spectate. Sweat drips down off her forehead as she wipes it off with her bare hand that she uses for holding pinky cupcakes with the yellow icing and chocolate chips. Salty taste of her sweat is the chef’s special ingredient in the recipe. Salt is the must in sweets because of the kick it gives to your taste buds. At first the taste of the cupcake’s sweet creamy texture beatifies neurons in your brain and then it comes – the after taste. Salty delight of the heavenly pleasure. Do you want some more? Have a bite. Do not be shy.

Her hair and body. That is the additional story that has to be told. Sticky dark mass of oily spaghetti like formations on her head and greasy skin that smells like a city dump. She does not have to look good for anybody because she simply does not have anybody. That fancy feeling of something to die for, you know. She is a pathetic parody of the miserable existence of nobody in the world of the queens, princes, kings and rulers of the universe. Does she have somebody to die for, somebody that means world to her, somebody that embodies everything that is important in her life? The answer is NO! What can you expect from such type of person? Hands down and cry in the pillow or fight and be a warrior of one’s life? She has chosen the path of losers, one that is for the weak people without balls. Have courage to be a person you want to be, do not be afraid of falling and failing. She let herself down in the drain, flushed in the toilet like a piece of worthless shit. How can a person disrespect oneself so badly?

She thinks that everybody turned against her, nobody loves her and it totally sucks to be her. What a drag? No, not for her. For you my friend, you that have mouthfuls of her creations. You never know what’s inside of the thing you put in your mouth and you definitely do not want to know the answer.

Oh, the cupcake is gone. Luckily for the red glossy demons, their owner does not know the origins of it and I am glad for her. Damn, she looks like an angel without wings, the angel that came down to the Earth. I am an angel I am, but i don't exist, my flesh is my spirit, my soul. What you see doesn't exist; those are the lines of numbers, molecules of which things are built from. Brain constructs the image and you see what you want to see. Do you feel the pain? That is an illusion, warning. That is the time to stop and make a step back to move ahead again. I am an angel. You cannot touch me, but i can see and feel you. Gentle wind breeze runs through your hair, they are my fingers. Raindrops moisten your lips, they are my kisses. Sun rays caress your heart, which is my affection. I am your angel, think about me and i will come.

Look at her! She has a sip of the water out of the VFS plastic bottle made in China. Wait a sec .. Plastic bottle made in China??

Franny Fomage

Short dialogue written by Nauris Nikans for the writing class

Webcam Girl: Hey! What’s your name my love?

Franny: Hi there! My name is Fran, but my classmates call me Franny. My mom says that it is not the appropriate name for a guy, but to me it sounds kinda cool and I love it. No, I am not a g .. ga .. g [stumbles and mumbles], oh, you know somebody who likes guys.

Webcam Girl: Haha … I know what you mean. Cutie, tell me more about yourself! What are you in to? MMF, FFM, CD, DP, DT, SM or toys?

Franny: Humm … that is a tough one. I don’t know where to start. Well .. I have many interests.

Webcam Girl: Ohhhh, god! I love you already!

Franny: I collect stamps and I like math .. and physics.

Webcam Girl: Ugh you dirty boy! You turn me on .. don’t stop, please. Tell me more!

Franny: My mom bought me the stamp of the D-day battle from the 1920s. There are only 10 left in the whole world and there is one in my collection.

Webcam Girl: Oh, Boy! I love the things you do with your tongue. You can stamp me at any time.

Franny: Every night before I go to sleep I gently touch it. I can feel its rough edges and texture through the skin of my fingertips.

Webcam Girl: Uhh, yeah .. you recalcitrant slave master!

Franny: She is the embodiment of perfection, she makes me horny.

Webcam Girl: Bad, bad boy! You deserve a punishment!

Franny: Oh, god! No, I didn’t mean that. Horny, you know? Like excited .. when the excess amount of blood pumps into the certain parts of the body!

Webcam Girl: I want to pull your pants down and whip your butt cheeks so hard that both of them become red.

Franny: No, god! I didn’t mean that. Holy smokes!

Webcam Girl: Too late my son. Mama anticipates some pain for you.

Franny: No, please, no! I’m better than that! Here in Placentia, Newfoundland, everybody knows it! My mom can confirm that too.

Webcam Girl: I’m fed up with your excuses. You behaved badly and you deserve a penalty. Pull your pants down, now!

Franny: God, I don’t want to cry again. No, I’m not a loser. Bob Silverballs was wrong!

Webcam Girl: Huh, baby! Silverballs? Jeez, it feels like my lips will be busy for a while!

Franny: No .. please, don’t tell him anything. If he sees me crying the whole school will know.

Webcam Girl: Unruly boys is my specialty, I make them cry.

Franny: [turns away from the webcam and whispers] Franny, remember what your mom says: be strong!

Webcam Girl: Right on! Now, stand up, pull them down and move closer. Mama’s whip is ready to leave some scars.

Franny: [blows his nose] Just a sec! I will wipe my glasses. I can’t see a thing through them anymore. [wipes his glasses]

Webcam Girl: I am on the same page with you. You must see the face of your faith clearly.

Franny: [puts glasses on and turns to the girl] Thank you miss for your patience.

Webcam Girl: Spank you my son! Do you want to see my twins?

Franny: I didn’t know that you have twins!

Webcam Girl: Oh, well! You can call them as you want – two old bags, socks or whatever, but mine are special. Firm, big and pointy! Look at them! [pulls her naked breasts out of the blouse and moves them straight into the webcam]
[door opens and Franny’s mother enters his room]

Franny’s Mother: Sweetie, I brought you apples. Your skin is pale, you need some vitamins. Sweet Jesus! [she sees the naked breasts on the screen] What is that????

Franny: [mumbles and stumbles] T.. w.. i.. n.. s..

Franny’s Mother: Son, at least you are on the right path!