Monday, 18 April 2011

Typographic Letterforms Self Portrait


i am an angel
i am, but i don't exist, my flesh is my spirit, my soul
what you see doesn't exist, those are the lines of numbers
molecules of which things are built from, brain constructs the image
and you see, what you want to see
do you feel the pain? that is an illusion, warning that is the time to stop
and make a step back to move ahead again
i am an angel
you cannot touch me, but i can see and feel you
gentle wind breeze runs through your hair, they are my fingers
raindrops wetten your lips, they are my kisses
sun rays caress your heart, that is my affection
i am your angel
think about me and i will come

Poem and drawing by Nauris Nikans
Location: Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Year: 2011

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